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Spiritual clairvoyant Medium/Healer counsellor.Angel card readings. Certificates held for my work with the Universal Association of Healers.Private Sittings, Evenings of Mediumship, groups and workshops.
I am a spiritual medium, my work connecting with Angels Guides and loved ones in other dimensions gives us the opportunity to heal our hearts and minds. I have always felt that I need to bring 'spirituality down to earth'.
By this, I mean the understanding of spiritual guidance,
has to be brought into everyday living.

Many a time, things I have read or heard about,
have all seemed to 'airyfairy' to me.
Through years of questioning and trial and error,
my understanding now, of the help we all receive,
is far greater than, it has ever been.

Our spiritual companions in other dimensions work with us in many ways.

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Mobile: 647 821 433

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