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Eight beautiful gardens are open to the public for an afternoon.

Set in the Sierra Cabrera mountains, the lovely village of Cabrera with its Moorish styled houses with spectacular views of the coast and the surrounding area. Come along and spend the afternoon wandering through eight beautiful gardens.

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A brief history of the matanza

The Matanza; the slaughter or killing.

A very old Spanish tradional that can be traced back to the early Celtic tribes who lived around the Iberian Peninsula in Spain.

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Cabrera Opens it's Gardens to the Public

Cabrera Open DayIt's that time of year again when the people of Cabrera open their wonderful gardens to the public. Nine houses to view and three tea/cake stations to relax in and have something to eat and drink. Come along and have a great day looking at an amazing array of plants and fantastic landscaping.

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Cabrera Open Garden Day

Casa KobiEight houses in Cabrera opened their gardens to the public for an annual charity event, where the proceeds from the ticket sales go to a chosen charity.

This years recipients, MACS (Mojacar Area Cancer Support Group), will be happy to know that over three hundred tickets were sold.

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