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SURVEY ANDALUCIA – through the qualified Spanish architect Daniel González Aranda and his partners is a multi-disciplinar surveying practice based in Vera, Almería.
As a free-lance surveyor Survey Andalucía can provide a totally independent report assessing any visible defects on the property.
Building Surveys as any other professional service offered are carried out trough Spain, but specifically in Andalusia (provinces of Almería, Malaga and Granada), region of Murcia and Alicante.

Survey Andalucía is a property professional providing a range of services on residential areas, working in a clear and honest manner on behalf of clients.
My reputation in Andalusia and Murcia is solid and growing with new clients and works. To check it you only need to go to and then to Testimonials, perhaps you know someone there.

Working as an expert adviser to the Court of Law and on behalf of private clients, Daniel González Aranda has seen many cases of bad business practice.

So, are you thinking to buy a property as seen?
A Building Survey can avoid any unpleasant surprises, so be extremely careful and don’t fall into the trap of cutting corners on initial surveys.
Survey Andalucía is fully aware of the importance of client´s property decisions.

To know if the property is sound or if it needs any repairing works and how much they will amount to is convenient and important.
So why not using the Building Survey and the repairing budget try to get a reduced sale´s price doing a counter-offer?
A Building Survey may end up being a way to save money and in the end it can turn out free.

Finally, an advise for Home Buyers: I strongly recommend that your reservation agreement includes a clause clearly stating that your purchase offer is subject to the result of a survey to be carried out by you, and that the reservation deposit will be refunded to you if you are not happy with the outcome of such survey.

Daniel González Aranda
Architect-Building Surveyor
c/Villar 5, 1º – 3 – Vera - 04620- Almería - Spain
mobile & whatsapp: 34 686 846 624
web page:

Opening Hours

9.00am/3.00pm & 5.00pm/7.30pm

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calle Villar 5, 1º 3

Mobile: 686 846 624


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