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All Our Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lesson 1

Diego López and José Sanchez are just two ordinary guys who live in Madrid. We are going to spend the next few months following them... and, whilst doing so, learn lots of Spanish.

Why not join us as we follow their adventures.

Also, be sure to give our on-line crossword a shot...

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Spanish Lesson 2

This month José and Diego and their families are off to the "la playa" in Mojacar. Throw your beach towel next to them and check out what they get up to.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 2 - En la Playa

Spanish Lesson 3

In our latest instalment Diego and José travel to the Bernabeu to watch a match between Barcelona and Madrid - ¡Qué Partidazo!

Lots of new words to learn this month...

Read more → Spanish Lesson 3 - ¡Qué Partidazo!

Spanish Lesson 4

This month José and Diego are celebrating; last week was Diego's birthday and it's been a long while since they all went out for a good dinner!

Why not tag along and learn a few new phrases...

Read more → Spanish Lesson 4 - La Cena

Spanish Lesson 5

This month José and Diego are in the workshop fixing a car when Diego has an accident.

José has to take Diego to the hospital..!

¡Pobre Diego!

Read more → Spanish Lesson 5 - Un Accidente

Spanish Lesson No 6

It's that time of year again, Christmas!

Jose, Mari Cruz and Diego's family go shopping.

And the two friends find themselves in trouble!

Read more → Spanish Lesson 6 - La Navidad

Spanish Lesson No 7

A New Year for José y Diego.

It's winter in Madrid, cold and wet!

Find out who is going to make a New Year's resolution.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 7 - El Año

Spanish Lesson No 8

It's still cold in Madrid, but it's time for a break.

Lets see what holiday deals they can find.

So, lets go skiing!!

Read more → Spanish Lesson 8 - Vacaciones de esqui

Spanish Lesson No 9

The holiday trip begins.

With the car packed and ready, it's time for a little

holiday in the Sierra Nevada.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 9 - Vacaciones de esqui (segunda parte)

Spanish Lesson No 10

They have arrived safe and sound, ready to take on the skiing slopes.

Skiing lessons have been organised and the kids are going to have a shot at snowboarding.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 10 - Vacaciones de esqui (tercera parte)

Spanish Lesson No 11

Having a good time on the slopes, the children are enjoying the snow boarding.

See what happens to Diego on the ski slope.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 11 - Vacaciones de esqui (cuarta parte)

Spanish Lesoon No 12

A friend of Diego and Jose has decide to get married.

Find out what goes on at the wedding.


Read more → Spanish Lesson 12 - La Boda

Spanish Lesson No 13

Felipe introduces his family to Diego and Jose.

After the introductions, it's time to eat and then dance.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 13 - La Boda (segunda parte)

Spanish Lesson No 14

Money is tight in the household of Jose and Mari Cruz.

So, this summer no holiday. Instead, they are going to rent their spare room to a foreigner. This should help their bank balance!

Read more → Spanish Lesson 14 - El Extranjero

Spanish Lesson No 15

Find out how Eric is coping with his new Spanish friends.

Time to go shopping, and Mari is going to take Eric down into the Madrid underground train system.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 15 - El Extranjero (segunda parte)

Spanish Lesson No 16

Eric is settling in, meeting new people and practising his Spanish.

Lets see how he is getting on.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 16 - El Extranjero (tercera parte)

Spanish Lesson No 17

Maria is finding out what Eric likes to eat.

Time to go to the supermarket for some shopping.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 17 - El Extranjero (cuarta parte)

Spanish Lesson No 18

Christmas has come round again, time to go shopping for presents.

Not only presents to buy, Mari Cruz and Amalia have many things to do for La Noche Buena.

Read more → Spanish Lesson 18 - La Navidad 2010